Apply for a FREE Sapling!

The flower of the Newtown Pippin. Photo by the Thomas Jefferson Foundation/Monticello.

If you’d like a FREE Newtown Pippin sapling (shown flowering here) for your community garden, school, environmental group, or other public space, please email your request to Erik Baard of Green Apple Cleaners at right away. WE ARE STILL ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS for the September planting season! There will be future rounds too, for those who might be better able to care for the trees next year.



12 responses to “Apply for a FREE Sapling!

  1. We would love a sapling or two.

  2. Jules Corkery

    Astoria Park Alliance would love a pair of pippins!
    Perhaps in a newly cleared area at the south end of shore blvd? Or on the slope above shore boulevard alongside the crabapples? There are two dead trees that could be replaced by pippins.
    If not for this round, we’d love to plant in the fall.
    Hope all is well! Good luck with the pippin propagatin’! Jules

  3. Claudia Joseph

    This is fabulous! I would love to plant a Pippin at the historic Old Stone House in Park Slope!

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  5. I would be delighted to plant an apple tree in the beautiful garden where I live in Sunnyside Gardens.

    • Community gardens, especially those which serve neighborhood children, are wonderful candidates for these trees! Co-op or private gardens don’t qualify as of yet, but we’re talking to MillionTreesNYC to create an incentive program for people to earn these trees by planting indigenous species in parks!

  6. Marjorie Melikian

    The First Presbyterian Church of Newtown (in Elmhurst) sponsors Greens for Queens which grows organic fruit and vegetables for needy people on our church property. In 2002 we planted two Newtown Pippin apple trees, which I donated to commemorate our 350th anniversary. But we could use one more, if available. One of our trees is not doing so well. You may contact me and I will pass on the message to Mary Jenkins, who coordinates Greens for Queens. Thank you for your consideration.

  7. Us farmers at the Red Hook Community Farm would gladly take one, and of course, share the harvest.

  8. Hi! Are you part of a community garden or school in NYC?

  9. We have a program called Down to Earth, which works with community garden/urban farms to teach students K-12 about the considerable science involved. We would love one or more saplings for our partners who have not already requested them. Many thanks for this wonderful donation!

  10. I would love to get on or two or three Sapling for my park – Rainey Park!!

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