NYC Orchard Planting!

On Wednesday, April 28, at 4PM (gathering nearby at 3:30PM) the Newtown Pippin Restoration and Celebration will plant NYC’s first public access orchard!

This 40-tree orchard will include Newtown Pippins and other apple varieties (mostly heirloom) at Randall’s Island Park. This is a call for public participation and not a press advisory, which will be coming soon from the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, the Randall’s Island Sports Foundation, and Green Apple Cleaners.

Please attend as a planter or to cheer them on at this historic occasion at beautiful Randall’s Island Park! Supervised children are welcome! Indeed, we scheduled this event to be after school hours so that parents and program coordinators might bring them.


330PM: Meet at the Icahn Stadium entrance and walk to the orchard grounds (its hard to find on your own).

Directions to Icahn Stadium:

4PM: Remarks by officials and partners in the Newtown Pippin Restoration and Celebration.

4:15PM: Begin planting the trees under guidance from the Randall’s Island Park horticulturalist Phyllis Odessey, with assistance from other experts. The holes are already dug.

5PM: Conclude and clean up.

5:15PM: Depart.

NYC Department of Parks and Recreation and Randall’s Island Sports Foundation will provide shovels and gloves. These trees count toward the MillionTreesNYC program.

We will also use this gathering to form a Friends volunteer group (with a sign-up list) for the Randall’s Island Park orchard to ensure that these trees are watered and otherwise receive care and attention. We should have first fruits by 2015 and a full harvest by 2020. When the trees are mature, the orchard will be open. Bikers will be able to dismount,  stroll over to pick fruit (I’m working with allies to plant other edible species on the island and throughout the harbor), and continue on their way. This will be a delight for ourselves and generations to come!

We hope you can be part of this joyous occasion.


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